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COVID-19 and Opening a Checking Account in the Branch and Online

COVID-19 changed the way we do a lot of things today, including how we bank. With some areas still facing extensive closures, you may find different procedures for opening a checking account than before. Here’s what you should know: Opening a Checking Account in the Branch Some bank branches are open for normal business, meaning you can come in anytime. Others have open lobbies but require an appointment to do…

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Cash App Pros and Cons

2021 Cash App Overview: Pros and Cons Chances are that you may have heard of Cash App. If you are unfamiliar with this popular mobile payment app, then you will want to know about all the advantages that this service offers. Here we will take a look at the pros and the cons and how to get started with Cash App. What is Cash App? Founded in 2013, Cash App…

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Factors That You Might Not Think Of When Choosing A New Bank

When looking to either join your first bank or just switch to one that’s more suited for you, most people remember to look for the standard features. This includes things like making sure that there is no monthly fee, minimum balance, or limit on their transactions. However, there are quite a few other factors that you should consider before choosing a bank. To help, we’ve highlighted a few factors that…

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How ATM Fee Rebates Work: With ATM rebates, the charge from a non-bank ATM is rebated to your account. This rebate applies to ATMs anywhere in the US or anywhere outside the bank’s home state, depending on the bank. While there is often a limit to the amount a customer may receive in monthly rebates (usually $6/month), this service provides another great incentive to work with a bank that may not be so close in proximity, but offers great accounts. Unlimited ATM rebates are common for banks that have no branches (i.e. Internet Bank Accounts) or for smaller banks that want to remain competitive on a national scale.

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