"Second Chance Checking" from Bank of Kansas City

The Basics

Minimum Opening Deposit
A $50.00 deposit is required to open this account.
Monthly Maintenance Fee
This fee cannot be waived.

Debit Cards & Using ATMs

Debit Card $0.00/yr
Non-affiliated ATM Usage Fee
$1.00/per use
There is a $1.00 fee each time you use a non-affiliated ATM. You can avoid this fee by using any Transfund Network ATM or ATMs at QuickTrip gas stations.
International ATM Usage Fee
$1.00/per use
There is a $1.00 fee each time you use a ATM in another country. In addition, there is a fee calculated as 3.00% of the total amount withdrawn.

Electronic & Telephone Banking

Online Banking Free
Email Alerts
Included with Online Banking
This Email Alert feature enables you to receive:
- Warnings when your balance falls below a certain threshold;
- Notice of deposits or withdrawals over a certain threshold;
- Confirmation that bills have been paid;
- An email to let you know there's a secure message for you in Online Banking;
- Priority Online Account notifications (i.e., change of password).
Online Bill Pay Free
Automated Phone Banking Free

Checks & Statements

Unlimited Check Writing Yes
Free or Discounted Checks No
Monthly Paper Statements Yes
Check Images with Statements Included
Online Statements Yes
Online Check Images
Images of canceled checks can be viewed online for 3 months.

How To Reach Bank of Kansas City

Go To Website: Bank of Kansas City
Call: 8(866) 836-0846

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